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Safety policy

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This project Safety Method Statement describes the specific arrangements, which shall be implemented during the duration of the contract to provide a place of work that is safe and without risk to health and welfare of all employees, independent contractors, members of associated companies and the general public, so far as is reasonably practicable.


In pursuit of the above ARS Build IT Ltd, will:

Carry out assessments of all work activities and substances that could create risk and provide adequate protection

and/or control as required.

Provide adequate resources including training at all levels to ensure effective implementation of this Method Statement.

Institute a system for reporting accidents, diseases and dangerous occurrences.

Comply fully with the requirements of current legislation.

Monitor and review its performance and institute improvements where possible.

This method statement will be reviewed on a regular basis.


1.0 Project Details

1.1   Site Address Construction Site

1.2   Scope of Work

1.3   Principal Contractor

1.4   Site manager

1.5   Sub-contractors

1.6   Planning Supervisor


2.0 Health and Safety Objectives

2.1   At ARS Build IT Solutions Ltd, we regard the promotion of health and safety measures as a mutual objective for both employees and ourselves at all levels.

2.2   It is therefore the policy of ARS Build IT Solutions Ltd, to do all that is reasonably practicable to prevent personal injury and damage to property and to protect everyone from foreseeable work hazards, including the public in so far as the come into contact with our work activities.

2.3   Our principle objectives will be to :

Provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions.

Provide training and instruction to employees to perform their work safely and efficiently.

Make available all necessary safety devices and protective equipment and to supervise their use.

Maintain a constant interest in health and safety matters applying to work on the project by consulting with employee

whenever possible.

2.4   We also remind our employees that they have a duty to co-operate with us in our efforts to implement the policy by:

Working safely.

Meeting their statutory duties.

Reporting incidents that have led or may lead to injury or damage.

Following our safety procedures and safe systems of work.


3.0 General

3.1   This project is subject to CDM and this document sets out the sub-contractors objectives to comply with the regulations.

3.2   The works will be carried out according to the principles set out in ARS Build IT Solutions Ltd,, Health and Safety Policy using the standard operating procedures.

3.3   The project safety method statement will be continually monitored and updated as work progresses.

3.4   Weekly meetings (or at other suitable frequencies) will be held on site to assess both performance and safety record and discuss safety matters in general. Any changes identified as necessary will be immediately, implemented and reported to the clients representative.


4.0 Management of Health and Safety on site

4.1   Organisation chart

4.2   Mr Adrian Smith is responsible for all company health and safety matters and will be responsible overall for ensuring that the company’s policy and procedures are implemented in respect to sit procedures.


5.0 Communications

5.1   All communications and information will be directed through the company’s main office to ensure that all parties are kept advised of all matters affecting health and safety.


6.0 Managerial Responsibilities

6.1   The site supervisor/manager will be directly responsible the implementation of the project safety method statement.


7.0 Management and Controls of risks

7.1   Unforeseen events - ARS Build IT Solutions Ltd, shall notify the client or clients agent immediately an event occurs which may cause risk to:

The health and safety of people.

The safe operation of premises on and off site.

Require design changes and/or extra resources.

The requirements of the Health and Safety and Work Act 1974, its regulations and codes of practice will be complied with in all aspects of work undertaken.


8.0 Accident Reporting

8.1   All accidents to employees, visitors, contractors or members of the public, who may perhaps be injured as the result of our activities will be first reported through our site supervisor.

8.2   Any accident however minor will be reported to the site manager into the accident book . In the event of a serious accident or an accident which may result in time being lost from work the possible implication of the reporting of injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences regulations 1995 must be considered.


9.0 First Aid

9.1 A first aid box will be kept with our site supervisor. The box will be constructed to protect the contents from dampness and dust and will be clearly marked with a white cross on a green background and will be regularly checked to ensure that its contents comply with the appropriate regulations.


10.0 Information and Training

10.1   Induction training-All ARS Build IT Solutions Ltd, employees, contractors and self-employed to attend and inductions session when first joining the project. The principal contactor to conduct the induction sessions. Those attending the induction will be aware of the site rules and conditions specific to the project.

10.2   Employee training-Any ARS Build IT Solutions Ltd, operative will receive appropriate training in the use of all plant and equipment as required.

A record as to the competency of all ARS Build IT Solutions Ltd operatives to perform their duties in a safe and appropriate manner will be available upon request.


11.0 Workplace Management Co-ordination, Communication, Consultation

11.1 ARS Build IT Solutions Ltd employees are encouraged to communicate daily at the end of each working shift, to any supervisory staff, details of any hazard they have seen or make any suggestion that will make conditions safer.


12.0 Emergency Procedures

12.1   ARS Build IT Solutions Ltd will comply with all emergency procedures that are required.

All personnel will be made aware of the location of the nearest telephone. They will be instructed that In case

of emergency to go at once to the telephone and dial 999 and speak slowly and clearly the service they require FIRE,POLICE or AMBULANCE.

12.2   A site emergency procedure will be implemented and controlled by ARS Build IT Solutions Ltd, once a site wide risk assessment has been made.


13.0 Existing Environment

13.1   Adjoining sites/premises-The rights of way, both pedestrian and vehicular, along adjoining roads and pavements must be kept clear for use of the public at all times.

13.2   Access security - Access and egress to the site will be via the main entrance.

13.3   Parking - Parking as close to the site as possible, no parking for contractors provided.

13.4   Traffic systems - The rights of way, of both pedestrian and vehicular, along the adjoining roads, car parks and pavements must be kept clear for use of the public at all times. ARS Build IT Solutions Ltd will ensure these rights of way are not compromised as a result of the works.

13.5   Deliveries and unloading - Construction materials and equipment will be delivered to the site using suitable vehicles by ARS Build IT Solutions Ltd. Materials will then be loaded as directed to the work area by our site supervisor.

13.6   Work Permits - Work permits will be controlled by ARS Build IT Solutions Ltd site manager, the location of who will be brought to the attention to all employees during the site induction process , if required.

13.7   Working Area - All workplaces will be left in a reasonably safe condition whenever the work ceases for a period of time. No flammable material or goods will be kept unsecured.

13.8   Welfare, First Aid and Mess - ARS Build IT Solutions Ltd are to provide shared welfare facilities and first aid provision.

13.9   Special Conditions - NA

13.10   Confined spaces - No confined space working has been identified at this stage.

13.11   Temporary power- All power tools will be 110v or battery operated.

13.12   Drawings, design and specifications - Drawings/specifications and associated design information to be provided by the client or his agent.

13.13   Materials - General building materials.

It is noted that some of the specified materials may be bulky and may well exceed the individual manual handling ACoP.

Possible injuries - Sprains, strains and torn ligaments.

Some specified materials may be above the weights recommended within the current guidelines.

ARS Build IT Solutions Ltd site supervisor will monitor each manual handling activity and risk assess accordingly.

As a general rule all manual handling will be dept to a minimum.

13.14   COSHH - Material safety data sheets to be supplied to the planning supervisor for inclusion in the health and safety manual. Ie cement, lime, diesel fuel, petro, fixing cartridges, epoxy resins, silica sand natural aggregates etc…

13.15   Working methods/sequence of works - None of the specification of works are considered to be unusual posing significant hazards that as a competent contactor they are unfamiliar with. ARS Build IT Solutions Ltd operatives are trained in the use of the requisite materials and the manner of application.

13.16   Personal protective equipment - ARS Build IT Solutions Ltd employees are trained in the use of the materials specified and are aware of the necessity of wearing the appropriate PPE.


14.0 Waste Removal

14.1   Waste handling - Waste material will be dept within the working area during normal hours and removed to the skip/tip on a daily basis.


15.0 Health and Safety File

15.1   Collating information - ARS Build IT Solutions Ltd shall ensure that all necessary information particularly from his designers is reviewed with regards to health and safety. All such information, if required, shall be made available to the planning supervisor in so much as they that may affect the future maintenance of the site and/or buildings.


16.0 Significant hazard analysis and control measures

16.1   Hazards/Risks to operatives , public and others:

Falls from height manual handling.

Slips, trips and falls. Access/egress.

Harmful substances. Moving machinery vehicles.

Excavations. Plant fixed/potable.

Confined space, moving materials.

Crushing/trapping. Fire explosion.

Burns, shock.

Hand tools. Noise/vibration HAV VWF.

Weather. Temperature

Lone working LPG.

Electrical equipment (shock). Buried overhead services.

Pressurised systems, respiration.

Collapse of structure. Fire.

Health hazards. Lifting operations.

Deliveries. Condition of building.

Lighting levels. Access equipment (scaffolding MEWPs).

Existing services (power supply). First Aid.

Welfare. Security.

Overlap with client undertakings. Falling objects.

Hot work. Disease (Weils disease).

Cuts and bruises.

Eye injuries.

Hearing damage.


16.3 Control measures to protect operatives:

Toolbox talk. Tool/plant provision.

Legislation. Tool/plant maintenance.

Relevant training required. Proof of competence required.

Site induction. Emergency procedures.

Written procedures guidance. Fire procedures.

Permit to work. Rescue equipment.

Supervision. Gas detectors.

Communications. First aid provision.

Substitute substance/materials. Welfare facilities.

Ventilation access/egress.

Edge protection, housekeeping I.e trailing leads etc…

Safety signs/poster. Lightling.

Power supply (isolate) 110v. COSHH.

Temperature water (light spray).

Access equipment.


16.4 Personal protective equipment

Safety helmet. Safety boots. HVV.

Chin strap, overalls, knee pads.

Eye protection, gloves, ear protection.

B.A equipment. Dust masks. Other.


16.5 Control measures protecting third parties ie public:

Heras/security fencing. Protection scaffold.

Warning signs. Hoarding.

Out of hours working/lighting.

Good housekeeping. Access points (security).


17.0 Declaration of Understanding and Compliance

This method statement is to be read and explained to all of the team members attending site before work commences, any variations to this method statement must be authorised by the responsible person.



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